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5/8/09 11:09 am - Fake Mother's Day

This one is for biscuitpig, who is a fake mom.

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Also, today is my last day. Yippee!

1/2/09 11:01 am - [boston] TONIGHT: SKETCHPROV!

Loyal human readers-

Looking for something to do on a chilly day-after-new-years? Come see SKETCHPROV at ImprovBoston! The idea is that we form 3 teams, each of which takes an input from the audience. Then, in ten minutes or less, we write, cast, rehearse and perform a sketch for you, the lovely audience! It's sketch! It's improv! It's SKETCHPROV!

ImprovBoston Theater
(less than a block from the Central Square T stop)

Be there!

11/12/08 04:53 pm - Marketing jobs!


My sister (yes, androids can have sisters) is looking for gainful employment in the fields of marketing, PR, or editing. She has a year of experience, working for Ogilvy in China. If you have any leads for me, please let me know. They don't have to be in Boston. In fact, I think she'd prefer to live elsewhere.


7/18/08 01:56 pm - MUAHAHAHAHA

O, loyal minions. You will never guess what I just discovered.


Seriously! How did I never realize this before?

Also, come see the avatar in a show.
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7/11/08 01:03 pm - A message from the avatar: Henchmen

Dudes. I'm doing this show. It's about henchmen. It rocks.

Fridays, July and August

Check it out!

This week's theme is "Tarantino."

6/9/08 01:09 pm - Mistress of disguise

While watching The Pink Panther Strikes Back last night, it occurred to me that every devious mastermind is also adept at disguise. That in mind, I require a hat.

A hat, a hat!Collapse )

6/5/08 12:04 pm - The avatar's new clothes

Unfortunately, posing as a human being involves wearing clothing.

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5/29/08 11:59 am - A message from the avator: Rhoda

To everyone who came out to see I'm the Rhoda, thank you so much for coming. I think this is the most personal show I've ever done, and I'm almost certain that this is the most positive reaction I've ever seen to a show I've done.

I'm so glad we hit the mark with this one. The truth is funny. Who knew?

5/9/08 02:15 pm - The avatar is bored

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5/8/08 12:44 pm - A message from the avatar: I'm the Rhoda

I'm in this show. It's called I'm the Rhoda, inspired by Rhoda Morgenstern, Mary's best friend from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". I've been trying to figure out how to promote this show without transcribing Rachel's first monologue in its entirety. And I'm failing. So, first I'll steal joeybonbon's description:

"I'm the Rhoda is about the lives of women and what they think and feel and deal with in their lives... the concept comes from the Mary Tyler Moore show... that all women, regardless of how other's view them, at least some of the time feel like a Rhoda - a best friend who just doesn't quite measure up to the Mary."

She should know. She was involved for all of the previous incarnations.

Secondly, I'll say that if you're friends with manley1, he wrote a glowing review.

[EDIT: Wednesdays in May! ImprovBoston! 8PM!]
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